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Mountain Ecosystems & Resources Management


Summer Field School on Mountain Ecosystems & Resources Management

10-19 September 2023 | Yaremche, Ukraine

by The Grassroots Institute & Lead Partner Institutions


Global Academy on Natural Resources Law & Governance

19-28 April 2024 | Kharkiv, Ukraine

by The Grassroots Institute & Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University of Ukraine


Summer Field School on Mountain Ecosystems & Resources Management [Online]

19-28 September 2021 | Canada & Ukraine

by The Grassroots Institute & Partner Institutions


International Participatory Academy on Natural Resource Governance

7-11 December 2021 | Mumbai, India

by The Grassroots Institute & Partner Institutions

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1st Global Mountain Sustainability Summit

21-24 September 2023 | Targoviste, Romania

by The Grassroots Institute & Valahia University of Targoviste


Global Conference on Natural Resources Law & Governance

27-30 August 2024 | Kharkiv, Ukraine

by The Grassroots Institute, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University of Ukraine

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A Better Agricultural Future: Interview with
Dr. Parviz Koohafkan

The Globally Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage (GIAHS) is a large-scale international project officially proposed and implemented by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization since 2002. Dr. Parviz Koohafkan, then Director of the FAO's Water and Soil Division, was the initiator of the project and had been a coordinator until his retirement. After retirement, in order to continue to promote the conservation of agricultural cultural heritage, Dr. Parviz led the establishment of World Agricultural Heritage Foundation (WAHF), an international non-governmental organization, in 2015. The WAHF is actively working on GIAHS in many parts of the world. Read his interview:

Excelling Mountain Development in India

CHINAR is working for sustainable mountain development in Indian Himalayas through applied research, capacity development, education, livelihoods enhancement, and advocacy with a mission to improve the wellbeing of the mountain people and ecosystem. Read more:, Contact:

RDF Convened Session at ILC Asia

Rural Development Fund (RDF) Kyrgyzstan has convened in October a Thematic session on “Locally-Managed Mountain Ecosystems for Achieving SDGs” during 2021 ASIA LAND FORUM of organized by International Land Coalition Asia (ILC Asia). Read more:

Embracing the Wilderness of Carpathians

The Global Conservation in its Parks Congress 2021 has recognized and applauded the remarkable ecosystems and progress of Carpathian National Nature Park (CNNP) located in Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. The CNNP is Ukraine’s first and largest national park and the largest protected area in the Carpathian region. Read more:

Joining as Lead Partner in Summer Field School 2023

Led by Dr. Angela Bănăduc, the Applied Ecology Research Center (AERC) of the Faculty of Sciences, "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu (Romania) has joined as Lead Partners of the forthcoming Summer Field School 2023 on Mountain Ecosystems & Resources Management to be held in September 2023 in Ukraine. AERC is among 10 such Lead Partners of the FSc MER 2023. Read more: Contact:

Interdepartmental Center on Natural Risks in Mountain and Hill Environment – NatRisk – partnered FSc MER 2023

At the University of Torino (Italy), NatRisk is a network for theoretical, experimental, and applied research and for dissemination in the field of prediction, prevention and management of the risk of natural disasters in mountain and hilly environments. It was born on the basis of the experience and initiative of Departments and Study Centers that have been carrying out research in this sector for some time and is open to all personal and departmental contributions from the University of Torino. Natural risks in sloping areas and in those underlying them, as well as those of technological or anthropogenic origin, can occur in any place and at any time: it is never too early to integrate risk management with the governance of mountain areas and hilly areas to allow the population to anticipate disasters, protect lives and properties and protect the economic and social sustainability of the development of naturally threatened areas. Read more: Contact: Dr. Stefano Duglio, Vice-President:

Lviv Polytechnic is the leader: THE Impact 2022 rating

Times Higher Education has published the fourth edition of the ranking, which assesses the activities of universities towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For the second time in a row, Lviv Polytechnic National University (LPNU) is the leader in the overall ranking of domestic higher education institutions. Our university presented the results of all UN Sustainable Development Goals and maintained its position in the category of 401-600 best universities in the world. Read more: Contact: /

Nomomente Institute is co-organizing the Global Lectures

Nomomente is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Quebec with contributors from all over the world. Nomomente is co-organizing the GLOBAL LECTURES | LOCAL IMPACTS, a new initiative of The Grassroots Institute, featuring the expertise, knowledge, experience, and views of distinguished professors, scholars, experts, and activists for the benefit of a global audience including students, teachers, researchers, scholars, field practitioners, and professionals from various parts of the world. The initiative can be accessed at Read more

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